The Meanings

The Clow Card meanings and descriptions found on this website are from the Japanese Clow Card Fortune Book by Clamp as translated by Vanessah Howard. This book was once available on her site the moonlitundergound, but has since gone offline. A copy of the PDF she originally created can be downloaded here.

Playing Card Associations

Though there are playing card associations listed in Clamp's Clow Card Fortune Book, the playing card associations on this website, as well as those featured on the cards themselves come from a book written by Rune of Grimoire of Geekery. You can find her, and instructions on how to get a copy of her book on Clow Magic by visiting her Tumblr at

The Cards

The cards featured on this site are part of a personal project to recreate the Clow Card deck from the anime Card Captor Sakura. It was one of two versions created, and both can be purchased from Printers Studio by clicking the images or links below.

Questions or Comments?

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